During the summer of 2015, ten artists from across the world travelled across the United Kingdom exploring collectivism and discussing the potential futures of artistic education. This group, the project and all that happened during the 2 month long adventure was Tanteo.

Tanteo, was run by myself, Warren Andrews and Nora Silva. We have developed a strong collaborative relationship through working together within MilesKm.  MilesKm has become an artistic platform that looks to instigate an international dialogue around the conflict points within the arts sphere, including the nature of collectivism, how to stimulate collaboration and what structures and ideologies should shape arts education. MilesKm was co founded by Nora Silva and Sofia Montenegro. I have been involved with MilesKm since their first project in Madrid in 2011.

Tanteo was the fifth project from MilesKm. Tanteo address the questioning posed by myself and Nora around arts education. Through developing an experimental research driven project, where a culture of conversation around central themes within arts education were to be discussed and a peripatetic art school would be modelled and realised.sofia m

Tanteo main aim was to create space for learning and knowledge sharing, a radical environment to stimulate creartivity and the potential political power of art.  To experiment with an alternative approach to education, an investigation into the nature of arts education and the role of collaboration in learning. Ultimately it was and continues to test the limits of what constitutes an the Art School.

Throughout 2015 a number of research roundtables were scheduled, where the aspirations of Tanteo were discussed alongside attempting to open up the conversation with our potential collaborators could be built. These events taught us a lot about how collective conversation can operate and some of the pitfalls of the format. The audio from these events can be found on the MilesKm website.

These conversations lead towards the process of opening up of an application process, where we invited artists from across the globe to apply to take part in a two month long project travelling across the United Kingdom visiting varying types of art locations and institutions.  

After bringing together a diverse group of artists, we made attempts to bring them closer through conversation and sharing their ideas and aspirations for the two month project, preparing them for the intense period of time they were going to spend together. 

The two month realisation of Tanteo was a testing, and ultimately satisfying experience. Starting in Croydon, at Turf Projects, the group made their way up and down the country, before ending at TAP, Southend. In the first two locations the group followed a cautious pre planned itinerary, centred around the participants undertaking research around their individual interests and delivering workshops for the local community and each other.

During these early weeks...