The challenge coin is an attempt to better understand and articulate my own personal relationships. I have produced 100 coins, adorned with some superficially important personal iconography, that I am giving to individuals that I consider to be, or have been, important players in my life. The gifting of the coin serves as a stimulant for reflection and renegotiation. The recipients of the coin will be documented for personal reflection, this is not a public endeavour.

I invite the individual I have decided to give a coin to to meet with me. I make them aware that I wish to give them something, that I want to talk with them about our relationship, its nature, how we might define it and its possible value.

I meet with this person, give them the coin and explain to them that this is a gesture meant in a small way to recognise and articulate a relational connection between me and the recipient. It is intended to instigate a better understanding of this connection and allow for a continuing negotiation of our shared autonomy.

I think it is also important to explain that the recipients of the coin will be one of a set of potentially 100 people.100 coins to recognise 100 individuals that I have developed relationships with across a life time. I also will inform the participants that I will not be publicly discussing this process, but that they are free to communicate their experience in any way that they see fit.

The recipients will be given the opportunity to decline, in this case I will take back the coin with the understanding that I will not give the coin to another individual and will personally document that it was rejected.